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X-ray photography training mannequin

Master the art of dental X-ray photography. x-ray simulator


A simple simulator where you can practice photographing techniques of teeth, mainly the bitewing method, but also the bisection method, parallel method, and occlusal method. A mannequin tripod that moves up and down allows you to practice panoramic X-ray photography. However, since the shaft of the simulator is made of metal, metal will be reflected in the front teeth. Please note. Since the structure is mainly made of teeth, there is no reproduction of trabecular bone. Therefore, if you need to image the trabecular bone, please purchase an X-ray phantom.

Training use
Compatible environmentMedical chair /

set content

Mannequin head for adults Hanaari
Mannequin head
for adults Hanaari
mannequin mask adult usude
mannequin mask
adult usude
storage bag
Storage bag
*Not sold separately
finger for mannequin
Finger for mannequin
*Not sold separately
shaft for mannequin
Shaft for mannequin
*Not sold separately
tripod for mannequin
Tripod for mannequin
*Not sold separately

Actual X-ray image

Provided by:International Islamic University Malaysia

Actual X-ray image
Actual X-ray image

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