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Tooth model for endodontic therapy training [B12-JEA.1-#26]

Jointly developed with the Japanese Society of Endodontics (General Incorporated Association) Purpose of development of dental microscope and training tooth model

The Japanese Society of Endodontics, a general incorporated association, has jointly developed with Nissin Co., Ltd. a training tooth model (maxillary molar) for dentists who aim to master endodontic therapy techniques using a dental microscope.
This tooth model reproduces situations that cannot be handled without a dental microscope, such as the constricted pulp chamber that often occurs in elderly molars and file fractures that tend to occur during root canal enlargement. A specialist certified by the Japanese Society of Endodontics has praised the model as “a tooth model that is easy for experienced specialists, but suitable for dentists who are looking to acquire microendodontics techniques.” We hope that you will use it for pre-graduate undergraduate education, post-graduate clinical training and graduate school education, and initial specialist specialist education.

Japanese Society of Endodontics Education and Research Committee


●A model tooth for endodontic therapy practice that allows you to practice using a microscope on removing broken files and approaching narrowed pulp chambers for elderly patients.
●A pseudo-fracture file is attached to the distal buccal root, allowing you to learn techniques for removing foreign bodies within the root canal.
●Since the medullary bed floor is dyed red, it is possible to confirm the damage state of the medullary bed floor due to dilatation of the pulp chamber.
●The mesial buccal root reproduces two root canals, and the root canal orifice is endowed with an isthmus that frequently occurs in upper and lower first molars.
●Panorama and CT educational materials can be used to practice preoperative examinations and image interpretation.

Training use

*Root canal enlargement is based on the surgeon’s sense of touch.


You can download CT video and X-ray images. Click on the image to download, then unzip the compressed file and use it.
*The reference image differs from the actual photographed image.
*Please note that if you take a photo of the product yourself, the crown of your tooth will appear white.

Download CT video and X-ray images