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Rubber frame for malocclusion jaw model made of plaster (malocclusion) [H1-O types]


●Rubber frame for plaster model of the same dentition as the one-color resin malocclusion jaw model “D1-O varieties”.

Training use

Form list

Model numberclassification
H1-O1AClass I reverse occlusion
H1-O1BClass I midline diastasis
H1-O1CClass I crowd
H1-O21AClass II Class 1 Overbite
H1-O21BClass II Class 1 Crowd
H1-O22AClass II class 2 overbite
H1-O22BClass II Class 2 Crowd
H1-O3AClass III reverse occlusion
H1-O3BClass III reverse occlusion
H1-O1BNO21B Model for making a retainer after orthodontic treatment
*Based on Mr. Ingre’s classification.