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One-color resin edentulous jaw model [G1-402] (without articulator)

Mastering the field of edentulous prosthetics. The 402 series has a wide variety of variations.

Complete dentures are the largest prosthesis in the oral cavity. When manufacturing them, various techniques are required to functionally understand the shape of the oral mucosa and find the appropriate occlusal height and alignment position of the artificial teeth. As a first step in mastering these skills, it is essential to consistently practice basic techniques in order to understand the characteristics of the oral mucosa, how to use various impression materials, and the occlusal style. The 402 series allows you to choose from a variety of variations depending on the purpose of your training, from models with soft mucous membranes that can perform various impression-taking methods to plaster models that can perform technical tasks such as artificial tooth alignment.


●An edentulous model with a hard mucous membrane that has the same form as the impression-taking training model “G10FE-402K-QF”.

[When used as a communication model]

When explaining about prosthetics for edentulous patients during treatment planning, it is important to compare dentures such as resin-based and metal-based dentures, and to actually see them for yourself in order to explain them in an easy-to-understand manner. . The 402 one-color resin edentulous jaw model has anatomical features such as a maxillary fossa. Various types of dentures can be manufactured to suit this model, and explanations about dentures can be made by using it as a sample of prosthesis. can be done more clearly and easily.

Training use
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Mucosal membrane replacement not possible
  • Magnet plate not installed

*Simple mannequin can be installed using model adapter SPMⅢ

variation●G1FE-402 (with FE articulator)
●G1D-402 (with D articulator)


Occlusal registration

By combining the optional N series wax embankment with the 402K model, you can practice occlusal plane setting and occlusal registration methods such as vertical and horizontal positions during mannequin training.

Occlusal registration
Occlusal registration
Occlusal registration

Optional supplies