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Model tooth for endodontic therapy training [A12AN-500]

Master the field of endodontics. End model series with a wide variety of variations.

Endodontic therapy treats areas that cannot be seen, so it is difficult to understand and treat. Therefore, in order to properly treat the root canal, perform treatments such as root canal enlargement while imagining the root canal shape three-dimensionally, and during the treatment, check the branching of the main root canal and the type of fusion. We need to deal with it. The Endo Model series has a variety of variations to suit different goals and levels, allowing you to learn root canal treatment techniques faster and more easily. By using these models, you can understand the characteristics of instruments such as reamers and various shaping methods while experiencing the sensations during canopy removal and root canal expansion.


●A model tooth with a pulp chamber and root canal based on the standard training tooth model “A5AN-500”.
●The pulp wall is dyed red, making it easier to understand the state of formation such as when the root canal is expanding.
●In combination with the “500E Series” jaw model for conservation and restoration training, it is possible to conduct a series of root canal treatment training sessions, including pulp chamber expansion, rubber dam installation, root canal expansion, and root canal filling.

Root canal length measurement
medullary expansion
*We apologize for the inconvenience, but the screws pass through the upper root canal of the anterior teeth and lower premolars in order to secure them to the jaw model. If this interferes with your practical training, please use one without screws.
Training use

*Root canal enlargement is based on the surgeon’s sense of touch.

variation10 tooth set
●No screw holder specification A12-500

Attachable model