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Model teeth for tartar removal training [A2SRAN-774,775,776,777][A2SRAN-933-#11,#21,#31,#32,#33,#26,#46]


●When practicing dental calculus exploration and removal, a model tooth with granular protrusions that look like calculus added to the root that goes under the gingival margin.
●The location and number of granular protrusions are preset, so the location and number can be evaluated during inspection, and the surface quality of the root surface can be evaluated during removal.
*A2SRAN-775, 777, and A2SRAN-933-#26, #46 cannot be installed on “D16-500HPRO-S1A1” and “D18-500HPRO” because the alveolar bone is normal type. For use, optional parts [scaling parts] and [probing parts] are required.

Tartar MAP

You can download the tartar map. After downloading, please unzip the compressed file ( and use it. (Data capacity: 2.8MB)
*Data is only for A2SRAN-933.






Attachable model