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Jaw model for transmission anesthesia training [ANS1001]


●A training simulator that allows you to train for more accurate puncture points, insertion angles, and insertion positions during mandibular foramen delivery anesthesia training.
●In order to confirm and evaluate the angle, direction, and depth of insertion, a control box is installed that uses light or light and sound to notify you of correct or incorrect answers.
●The training parts reproduce the anatomical shape, allowing for highly realistic training. It is also modular and can be replaced.
●By attaching it to the optional universal stand (stand, mask), you can practice while standing on a desk.
*Anesthesia cannot be injected.

Training use
  • Integrated tongue type
  • Electrode module replaceable
  • Mucosa can be replaced
componentJaw model, control box, dedicated driver, buccal mucosa box
optionUniversal stand (stand, mask)
replacement●Mandibular foramen transmission anesthesia module (electrode type)
●Mandibular foramen transmission anesthesia mucosa