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Jaw model for SRP [D16HD-500H(GSD)-MF] (without articulator)

Master the scaling and root planing areas. SRP model series with a wide variety of variations.

Periodontal treatment requires a variety of instrumentation depending on the various symptoms and areas to be treated. In order to perform appropriate treatment, it is necessary to understand the condition of the periodontal tissue and approach the tooth while imagining the shape of the tooth root in 3D. The SRP model series allows you to choose from a wide variety of variations that vary the shape of the tooth root and the condition of the gingiva and alveolar bone, depending on your training purpose and level. By practicing with artificial tartar attached to these models, you can quickly master techniques such as probing, exploring, and scaling while repeatedly experiencing the sensations transmitted by the instruments.


A jaw model with the mucous membrane color of the 500H pink model made clear. Because the mucous membrane is transparent, it is easiest to see the condition below the gingival margin.

Training use

*Exploring and scaling may be practiced in combination with a tartar set, etc.

  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • normal alveolar bone
  • Normal soft mucosa
  • Magnet plate attached
  • Model teeth can be replaced
  • model tooth screw
component●Single root model tooth permanent tooth A5AN-500
□28 teeth
●Musa for 500H (clear color) 500H-F-GSD
variation●D16FE-500H(GSD)-MF(with FE articulator)
●D16D-500H(GSD)-MF(with D articulator)
Simple tooth root model in normal condition

The 500H series is a model that assumes normal gingival and alveolar bone conditions in order to help students understand and master basic techniques such as how to hold and insert instruments at the beginning of training.
By attaching a model tooth with a soft type mucous membrane and a simple tooth root shape, and combining it with an optional tartar set, you can develop a basic sense of tartar exploration and tartar removal.

Simple tooth root model in normal condition
Simple tooth root model in normal condition
Simple tooth root model in normal condition

replacement parts

model teeth
mucous membrane

Optional supplies

model teeth
mucous membrane