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Jaw model for root canal length measurement [D50-END.7]

Master the field of endodontics. End model series with a wide variety of variations.

Endodontic therapy treats areas that cannot be seen, so it is difficult to understand and treat. Therefore, in order to properly treat the root canal, perform treatments such as root canal enlargement while imagining the root canal shape three-dimensionally, and during the treatment, check the branching of the main root canal and the type of fusion. We need to deal with it. The Endo Model series has a variety of variations to suit different goals and levels, allowing you to learn root canal treatment techniques faster and more easily. By using these models, you can understand the characteristics of instruments such as reamers and various shaping methods while experiencing the sensations during canopy removal and root canal expansion.


●A jaw model that allows you to practice on electrical root canal length measurement.
●It is possible to attach the “B22X series” replicated two-layer tooth model tooth for endodontic therapy training or natural teeth to the training site.
●Since it can be attached to a simulator, it is possible to measure root canal length according to actual procedures.

Training use
component●1 conductive paste
●13 micro wax
●2 energizing cords

how to use

how to use

①Perforate the pulp chamber of the model tooth and clean the inside of the root canal.

how to use

② Apply and form a conductive paste to the apical foramen of the model tooth and let it dry for about half a day.

how to use

③Fill the conductive paste to completely cover the metal plate at the bottom of the model. At this time, adjust the amount of filling so that the root apex of the model tooth is filled.

how to use

④ Place the prepared tooth model on the jaw model and fix it with utility wax.

how to use

⑤ Connect the cable attached to the jaw model to the opposite pole of the root canal length measuring device.

how to use

⑥ Connect the cable and jaw model and preparation is complete.

how to use

⑦Measure the root canal length according to the instruction manual of the measuring device.

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