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Jaw model for prosthetic restoration training [D16FE-500A(GSF)-QF] (with FE articulator)

Master the crown/bridge prosthesis field. 500A series with a wide variety of variations.

Various crown prostheses are selected depending on the case. In order to perform these procedures more quickly and accurately, various techniques are required based on the image of the final prosthesis. The first step in mastering these skills is to consistently practice basic techniques in order to understand handling and cutting pressure during abutment formation. The 500A series has the functions necessary for prosthetic training, such as cutting sensation, and allows you to choose from a variety of variations according to your purpose so that you can quickly understand and master the procedure you want to perform. In addition, by combining it with a wide variety of optional tooth models, you can step up to more practical techniques.


●A jaw model that allows you to practice various variations in the field of prosthetics.
●There are three types of soft mucous membranes: pink, clear pink, and clear, and the mucous membranes can be replaced depending on the application.

Training use
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Tongue model can be attached
  • Mucosa can be replaced
  • Magnet plate attached
  • Model teeth can be replaced
  • model tooth screw
component●Standard training tooth model A5AN-500
□28 teeth
●Mucous membrane for D16-500A (pink) D16-500A-F-GSF
variation●D16D-500A(GSF)-QF(with D articulator)
●D16-500A(GSF)-QF(without articulator)