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Jaw model for pediatric dentistry training [D75FE-950]

Mastering pediatric dental procedures. A pediatric model series that allows for a variety of practical training.

Each developmental stage has its own characteristics, and pediatric dentistry requires treatment methods tailored to each stage. In order to treat this, it is necessary to learn techniques that take into account subsequent development. To master these skills, it is essential to consistently practice basic techniques in order to understand handling during forming. The pediatric model series includes models that can change to various developmental stages and allow training to be tailored to each stage and symptoms, as well as models specialized for dental crown restoration training, for pediatric training that requires treatment in a variety of fields. You can choose according to your purpose.


●Mixed dentition jaw model with soft mucous membrane, assuming stage IIC stage of mixed dentition in a 6-year-old child whose first molars have begun to erupt.

Training use

*Rubber dam cannot be installed for resin filling.

  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Cannot attach tongue model
  • Mucosa can be replaced
  • Magnet plate attached
  • Model teeth can be replaced
  • Model teeth screwed and partially waxed
component●Standard training model teeth: Baby teeth A4AN-900
●Standard training model teeth: Baby teeth (without screw holder) A4-900
●Standard training model teeth: A5AN-500
variation●D75-950 (without articulator)

replacement parts

model teeth