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Jaw model for infiltration anesthesia training [P6FE-OOP.4] (with FE articulator)

Master surgical procedures such as tooth extraction and suturing. Oral surgery model series.

Surgical procedures require different treatments depending on the case. In order to master oral surgery techniques such as tooth extraction, it is essential to consistently practice the basic procedures including various anesthesia methods, incision and suturing methods, etc. Oral surgery models include models that allow you to practice basic incision and suturing techniques and infiltration anesthesia, and models that allow you to perform various oral surgical procedures such as tooth extraction and incision for abscesses, so you can choose according to your purpose.


●A jaw model equipped with soft mucous membranes to enable practice of infiltration anesthesia using various techniques.
●Equipped with a mucous membrane that does not leave any residue behind the insertion point, allowing repeated training.
*Anesthesia cannot be injected.

Training use
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Cannot attach tongue model
  • Mucosa can be replaced
  • Magnet plate attached
  • Model teeth can be replaced
  • model tooth screw
component●Standard training tooth model A5AN-500
□28 teeth
●Mucous membrane for OOP.4 (pink) P6-OOP.4-F-GS40
variation●P6D-OOP.4 (with D articulator)
●P6-OOP.4 (without articulator)