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Jaw model for implant training [P9D-FP.15] (with D articulator)

Master the implant field. Implant model series with various variations.

Implants have become an essential treatment technology in recent years. Fixtures with various shapes are selected for treatment depending on cases with different bone density, bone width, etc., so it is necessary to understand various requirements and standards such as indications and examination/diagnostic items. The first step to mastering these skills is to consistently practice basic techniques in order to understand the types of superstructures that will follow, in addition to surgical procedures such as flaps and drilling. The implant model series uses materials that simulate cancellous bone in the jawbone area so that you can practice while experiencing the feeling of cutting and resistance from bone. In addition, there are models for learning basic surgical techniques and models for practicing sinus lift techniques, so you can choose according to your purpose.


●A jaw model with a replaceable socket-type lower left molar region to enable total simulation of defective prosthesis between implants and partial dentures.
●Implant sockets are made of different materials for mucosa, cortical bone, and cancellous bone.In addition to the feeling of incision, you can experience the difference in bone cutting sensation and resistance while performing implant insertion and secondary surgery. You can consistently practice the basic surgical techniques.
●In addition, by replacing it with the included partial denture socket, you can practice basic surgical techniques for bilateral free-end defects such as rest formation and impressions.

Training use
  • Implant training parts can be replaced
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Mucosa for incision and suturing
  • Epidermal bone/cancellous bone assumed aggregate
  • Magnet plate attached
  • Some model teeth can be replaced
component●Single root model tooth Permanent tooth A20AN-500

●Single root model tooth Permanent tooth A5AN-500

●Implant socket P9-FP.13B
●Partial denture socket P9-FP.13A
variation●P9FE-FP.15 (with FE articulator)
●P9-FP.15 (without articulator)
Implant comprehensive training

In the FP.15 model, two types of materials with different cutting properties are used for the jawbone area, and the mucous membrane part is made of a material that can be incised and sutured, so that you can practice consistently while experiencing the difference in incision feeling and cutting feeling between cortical bone and cancellous bone. aggregate is used. In addition, the training part is a replaceable socket type, and by replacing it with a partial denture socket, you can conduct a total simulation training on defective prosthesis.

Implant comprehensive training
Implant comprehensive training
Implant comprehensive training


replacement parts

model teeth