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Jaw model for graft training [P9-X.1099]


●Mandibular model using mucous membranes that allows you to practice detensioning incisions.
●Since there is a bone defect in the alveolar bone in the left premolar region, a series of practical training assuming the GBR method is possible.
●Since the left canine tooth model is removable, it is possible to practice with the assumption of immediate implant placement after tooth extraction, and basic implant placement practice with other defective areas.

Training use
  • Two-layer structure of alveolar bone (cortical bone and cancellous bone)
  • Schneider film applied (thin)
  • Cannot be installed on a simple mannequin
  • Mucosal adhesive for incision and suture (no periosteum)
  • Magnet plate not installed
  • Some model teeth can be replaced
  • Model teeth can be replaced (adhesive material stopper)

Optional supplies