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Jaw model for basic implant training [P9FE-IMP.6]

Joint development with the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, a public interest incorporated association History of the development of the training model

The Education Committee of the Japanese Society of Oral Implantology, a public interest incorporated association, found from a questionnaire survey of dental schools that half of the dental schools provide basic training on implants, and that the training is uneven and varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. I understand that. Therefore, the education committee set a goal for acquiring basic implant training, and with the cooperation of Nissin Co., Ltd., we devised and created a model for training to meet this goal. This model resembles the anatomical structure and was introduced at the facility director meeting and the 41st Japanese Society of Oral Implantology. We hope that you will use it for your pre-graduate education training at each dental university or for training at your training facility.

Japanese Society of Oral Implantology Education Committee


●A jaw model that realistically reproduces the mental foramen and mylohyoid muscle line, allowing you to learn the sequence of basic oral implantology training in the correct procedure.
●By adding a model that assumes the mandibular canal, it is possible to practice with safety in mind, such as the direction and depth of implantation.
●The training area on the right side of the lower jaw is a socket type that can be replaced to allow repeated practice.
●Panorama and CT educational materials can be used to practice preoperative examinations and image interpretation.

Training use
  • Mandibular canal provided
  • Two-layer structure of alveolar bone (cortical bone and cancellous bone)
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • socket type
  • Magnet plate attached
component●Replacement socket for IMP.6 T6-IMP.6
variation●P9D-IMP.6 (with D articulator)
●P9HD-IMP.6 (without articulator)
●P9-IMP.6-L (lower jaw only)

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