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Integrated training model [D16HD-X.1602]


●A jaw model that allows you to practice in four areas: crown/bridge prosthetics, periodontics, conservative restorations, and endodontics.
●You can practice abutment formation, scaling, caries removal, cavity formation, and root canal enlargement.
●There are 7 training parts: #31, #32, #34, #35, #41, #42, and #45.
●The model teeth in the training area are screwed on and can be replaced.

Training use
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Tongue model can be attached
  • Magnet plate attached
  • Some model teeth can be replaced
  • model tooth screw
variation●Integrated training model (lower jaw) [E16HD-X.1602-L]
●Model tooth set (7 parts) [AB1-X.1635(7S)]
*Only the 7 part set of model teeth is sold.

replacement parts