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Gypsum jaw model [E3-various]

Mastering the field of partial denture prosthetics. E50 series.

Partial denture prostheses are designed in various ways depending on various cases. Various techniques are required to perform these procedures more quickly and accurately. To achieve this, it is essential to consistently practice basic techniques while experiencing handling and cutting pressure during rest formation. The E3 series has variations that represent approximately 70 types of defective states. Depending on the purpose of your training, you can choose from the E50 model with removable model teeth, the integrated E1 model, the plaster E3 model, etc.


●Two-color resin jaw model A plaster jaw model with the same form as “E50-Various”.
●The model teeth and jaw model are integrated, so the model teeth cannot be attached or removed.

Training use
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Cannot attach tongue model
  • Mucosal membrane replacement not possible
  • Integrated model teeth
  • Model teeth cannot be replaced

*Simple mannequin can be installed using model adapter SPMⅢ

Examination and production of partial dentures

Using the plaster E3 model, you can conduct comprehensive technical training, from examining cases using a surveyor to manufacturing individual trays and occlusal beds, to designing and manufacturing dentures.

Examination and production of partial dentures
Examination and production of partial dentures
Examination and production of partial dentures