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Gypsum edentulous jaw model with base plate occlusal ridge [ND-N8]

Mastering the field of edentulous prosthetics. The 402 series has a wide variety of variations.

Complete dentures are the largest prosthesis in the oral cavity. When manufacturing them, various techniques are required to functionally understand the shape of the oral mucosa and find the appropriate occlusal height and alignment position of the artificial teeth. As a first step in mastering these skills, it is essential to consistently practice basic techniques in order to understand the characteristics of the oral mucosa, how to use various impression materials, and the occlusal style. The 402 series allows you to choose from a variety of variations depending on the purpose of your training, from models with soft mucous membranes that can perform various impression-taking methods to plaster models that can perform technical tasks such as artificial tooth alignment.


●An edentulous model with a base plate added to the gypsum edentulous model “G2-402F” and an occlusal ridge set.

Training use
  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Mucosal membrane replacement not possible
  • Magnet plate not installed

*Simple mannequin can be installed using model adapter SPMⅢ

componentOcclusal ridge with base plate (NB-N8)
Gypsum edentulous model (G2-402F)
artificial tooth alignment

If you use the G2 series of plaster models or the NB-N8, which includes a plaster model and a wax embankment, you can practice artificial tooth alignment using various techniques under occlusal styles such as full balanced occlusion and lingualized occlusion. I can. In addition, a series of technical training sessions such as polymerization, polishing, and selective cutting are also available.

artificial tooth alignment
artificial tooth alignment
artificial tooth alignment

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