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Caries 2-layer tooth model [A26AN series]


●A model tooth with caries added to the standard training model tooth “A20AN-500” with excellent cutting performance.
●It is possible to conduct training that is closer to clinical practice, taking into account the removal of infected tooth structure.

Cavity formation
Removal of softened dentin
Cavity formation
Training use
partA26AN-11 For 5th grade CR repair
A26AN-13E For 5th grade CR repair
A26AN-14A For 2nd grade CR repair (MO)
A26AN-21 For 3rd grade CR repair (M)
A26AN-23B For 4th grade CR repair (D)
A26AN -26A For 2nd class CR repair (MO)
A26AN-36F For 1st class CR repair 

Attachable model