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A training jaw model created with the new concept of “dress-up concept” in which the alveolar bone and mucous membrane can be rearranged depending on the content of the training.

The purpose of training varies from person to person, and it costs money to prepare jaw models to match the content of the training. The 500HPRO series responds to such requests, and by changing the parts, a single jaw model can be structured to suit various training purposes.


●The jaw model consists of normal types of gingival mucosa and alveolar bone, and the alveolar bone and gingival mucosa can be replaced with various optional parts.
●If you want to attach the separately sold “scaling parts” and “probing parts” to the alveolar bone, you will need a separate SRP practice root branch model tooth “A2AN-Various”.

optional teeth●Base + normal bone + normal mucosa + model tooth (single root)
Training use

*Exploring, scaling, and root planing are practiced in combination with dental calculus setting, etc.
*Plaque control is practiced in combination with artificial plaque, etc.

  • Can be attached to a simple mannequin
  • Tongue model can be attached
  • Mucosa and alveolar bone replacement possible
  • Magnet plate attached
  • Model teeth can be replaced
  • model tooth screw
component●Standard training tooth model A5AN-500
□28 teeth in parts
●Mucosa for 500HPRO 500HPRO-A1-F-GSE
variation●D16D-500HPRO-S1A1-GSE (with D articulator)
●D16HD-500HPRO-S1A1-GSE (without articulator)